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 Mobile: E51: firmware 410.34.001 hacking HowTO, (259 views | 01-16-2013 07:57)

I didn't create this hack , i am just sharing what i did to make it work with me finallyfor some reason trying with firmware version 400 didn't work for me so i tried with the latest firmware ver 410 and it WORKED FINE  for everyone trying with firmware 410 here it is a

 Mobile: Nokia N8 drop test, (120 views | 01-15-2013 07:57)

The heartbreaking sight of a pair of Nokia N8s undergoing the infamous drop test, simulating your phone falling from the height of your shirt pocket onto a hard surface dozens of times. Check out the video after the break.'t go giving

 Mobile: [Request] How to configure gtalk or facebook chat with MS Lync?, (170 views | 01-11-2013 07:57)

The title says it all. I know gtalk/yahoo chat cannot be configured on Lync.But in case there is a sneak through I want to know it.Also can anyone give the settings for configuring Facebook chat on lync?The only decent Facebook chat client for Symbian was fchat and now that's not

 Mobile: Fool App Store to think i have the latest iOS firmware?, (88 views | 01-15-2013 07:57)

is it possible to fool app store to think that my iPhone 4 with ios 4.0.2 have the latest version? i need to download some apps but they require ios 4.1 and i dont want to upgrade the firmware.thxAnswersYes you can ,you have to edit the coreservice and restart your device then try again, i

 Mobile: I didn't knew the N8 can do this!, (103 views | 01-22-2013 07:57)

Ok, the N8 it's delayed but that doesn't means new videos with unknown capabilities are going to stop showing around the interweb, here a short video showing the N8 connected to a Regular wireless USB mouse! , we all know the N8 can do this through blutooth but this one i

 Mobile: Nokia 5800 and N97 Theme # 1252 - Just Grey By Teyri, (156 views | 01-20-2013 07:57)

Just Grey By Teyri AnswersThanks for the upload +1good theme mate

 Mobile: Symbian^3 theme #75 - Stripes [Red & Blue] S^3 By Arjun Arora, (126 views | 01-17-2013 07:57)

The rar pack contains two themes in red and blue versions...Thanks to Dhanusaud and Zylam Marex for the resources...I've modified some elements from the original theme...Hope you like it...AnswersGreat themes bro.But one request brokeypad is much glossy could you please make it

 Mobile: SKYPE UPDATE V.1.5.0(16).S^3, (107 views | 01-23-2013 07:57)

HI friends SKYPE ,best mobıle vıdeo callıng and etc updated....more stabıl and less bugs wıth thıs versı ıs the lınk below.....more ınfo about skype, call support??yes.of course vıdeo call

 Mobile: SYMSMB - Nokia 5800 - S60V5 and v3, (223 views | 01-11-2013 07:57)

Hi, altough being s60v3, it worked on s60v5!!Summary: The only application available today for Wireless file sharing between Series 60 5rd and 3rd. edition phones and computers with industry standard secure network communications. There are 3 programs in 1 application: phone to computer

 Mobile: How to root LG Optimus P500, (114 views | 01-16-2013 07:57)

How to root LG Optimus  P500 froyo 2.2.1  SOFT. VER   v10c-dec08 2010 ThanksAnswersSuperOneClick - THIS WORK ON VER 2.2.2 V10E_00Quote from: mujju85 on 19 April 2011, 06:26WILL THIS WORK ON VER 2.2.2 V10E_00It

 Mobile: Remoter - Remotely Control your PC (Free App), (146 views | 01-24-2013 07:57)

Remoter is mobile device application that gives user ability to remotely control their PC via easy-to-use mouse touchpad and virtual keyboard. Free version supports only wireless comunication. Remoter can be used to control any application including presentation software, video and audio

 Mobile: [NEW] Amazing Camera Applications OVI Ripped-No Need To Sign[S60^3,S60v5 & 3], (107 views | 01-22-2013 07:57)

Joyeye Lite1. Joyeye Lite can be upgraded to Joyeye FX directly. If it COULD NOT, please UNINSTALL those Effects which has been included in FX before installing FX. 2. E5-00 and more new devices supported. Joyeye Lite: 1. It can make your mobile phone as a LOMO style camera with real-time

 Mobile: Custom Rom for Galaxy Pocket, (258 views | 01-11-2013 07:57)

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Pocket290 mb of ram835 MHz processorThere is a custom rom?AnswersQuote from: Gius3ppe on 12 August 2012, 15:57I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Pocket290 mb of ram835 MHz processorThere is a custom rom?i'm sorry but i don't think there are no custom roms

 Mobile: Download Manager for nokia 5800???, (90 views | 01-12-2013 07:57)

Hi ppl,Like the download managers for the desktop (IDM, flashget, DAP), is there any download manager for the Nokia 5800???Lately, its become such a way that, am with my 5800 for most of my browsing n downloading needs  ...So i badly need a dedicated download manager for tracking the

 Mobile: Nokia 5800 and N97 Theme # 5075 - Flames v3 By Soumya, (110 views | 01-22-2013 07:57)

Flames v3 Theme by Soumya  Buy From Ovistore: share bro.+1 for you +1 for the share mate Quote from: mr_gourav2000 on 24 August 2012, 13:01Nice share bro.+1 for you Thank You Brotha... +1 Back For You...Quote from: Apex666 on 24 August