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 Advanced shipper, (167 views | 01-18-2013 07:57)

Hi, im using the ceon advanced shipper and I cant seem to find anything on it anywhere so thought someone on here may be able to help?Basically I have it set up to use a few different shipping options as we have a huge aray of different products which need to be send via

 Can't get custom template to display - keeps using default, (71 views | 01-13-2013 07:57)

Hi,New here, so TIA for any help!I'm setting up a store for a florist, and I've read the tutorials about using custom templates, but can't seem to get them to work. Within my includes/languages/ENGLISH folder, I've created a folder called FLOWERS. I copied the index.php file that

 One Category Displays Wrong Width?, (54 views | 01-12-2013 07:57)

running Zen 1.3.8a. I have one category that doesn't keep its width when displayed and pushes outside the main areas of the form.any ideas? This appears to look correct in Firefox after adding a width to the .centerBoxWrapper, .tabTable style, but doesn't seem to render right

 There are no products to list in this category., (1 views | 01-12-2013 07:57)

I have one category under Top, then in that category I have 4 subcategories, and in each sub I have 2-4 products. All the products displayed for awhile in the New Products for January centerbox, but never would display normally. Above the January cnterbox it has always said

 Please help on Per Unit Weigth Calculation, (90 views | 01-17-2013 07:57)

hello! This maybe simple but i can't figure how to do it or it may not work on this module and i might be wasting time thinking. Help!!...Ok here's what i want to do....I want this module to automatically calculate fees like this...0-250grams - shipping fee 7$251-500 -

 cannot find tpl_main_page.php, (96 views | 01-12-2013 07:57)

HiFrom an old thread I am trying to make changes to this file, but I can't seem to find it. Where should I be looking.Thanks in advanceMatt Answers includes/templates/default_template/common Thanks a lotmatt

 lost ability to delete customer please help, (116 views | 01-16-2013 07:57)

version 1.3.9dI was adding the simple admin create order addon and I lost the ability to see the box on the right of the customer page in admin that has the customer info and the delete button. Can anyone help me figure out how to return this and possibly keep the addon. I have

 Problems with PayPal Standard (IPN) - order status is processing, (89 views | 01-18-2013 07:57)

I configured PayPal Standard (IPN) in the payment module using all of the correct settings (true, email, PDT, etc). I selected a product, checked out, paid for it using PayPal, was redirected back to my site, and received confirmed that I had made the payment. Unfortunately it

 1054 Unknown column 'dropdown' in 'field list' Error When Trying To View Orders., (59 views | 01-22-2013 07:57)

I have a fairly clean install of ZenCart. I imported the relevent tables from my old DB to my new DB. I have Edit Orders installed so I have a Details button that takes me to the default ZenCart Order Details page, and an Edit button that takes me to the Edit Orders Order Page.

 Crafty Syntax Live Help, (80 views | 01-22-2013 07:57)

Hi,Does any one know how to stop the live update in Crafty Syntax Live Help.I Mean, when i am chatting to a user, what i am typing is updated instantly rather then waiting for me to click send before the customer can read it.Does any one know how to change the online and offline

 Want to skip coupon option for PayPal Express Checkout users, (80 views | 01-22-2013 07:57)

ref: it at all possible to leave coupons turned on but force the paypal express checkout to still skip that payment page step? I would like to still run coupons on my site but not offer them to paypal express users.Brad.

 How to add UPS international rate US-to-Canada etc?, (78 views | 01-20-2013 07:57)

my web site using UPS to Estimate Shipping Costs, but only have US to US rateHow can I add US to Canada or other country rate Answers UPS, by default, can ship from the US to anywhere else ...Check your Modules ... Shipping ... UPS shipping module and make

 Shipping & payment per group, (87 views | 01-19-2013 07:57)

I have the latest version of ZC installed. * I need to customize both shipping & payment options based on the group customers are assigned to. *I am using the Group Pricing Per Item module from Jeremiah Peterson to specify 2 wholesale categories in addition to the regular

 UPS shipping module question, (56 views | 01-16-2013 07:57)

Hi,I see in the module the radio buttons that let me select tube OR Box.What do I have to do if I want the tube for my prints and the boxes for my other ittems?Thanks. Answers Bump Plz - any ideas? Bump Plz - started the thread Feb

 Php- fatal error - payment module for Payjunction, (49 views | 01-22-2013 07:57)

I use payjunction for my credit card processing. I found a module on this site to install. Here is the problem:I am setting up a new payment module for my credit card processing. I am using Payjunction. ( Anyways, when I upload the module and go to payment in