All data lost Opencart

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Hi I have faced one peculiar problem. I have lost all the data feed in product it was about 200+ product with images. How could this have happen. I have not shared my mysql password with anyone. everthing was reset to original.

Please help


Contact your host and see if they reset your cPanel or if they have a log in case anyone else logged into your account a wiped it clean.

my host is godaddy and strange thing is that i still have default records created by opencart. so I am not sure what happend

Do you happen to have a backup of your database and OC files?

Not sure if GoDaddy makes backups for their clients on a regular basis. You should still contact them and see what happened. Perhaps they can restore your site from a backup if they do that (maybe not though, GoDaddy isn't exactly known to be the best host).

I never anticipated this kind of thing. anyway I have raised support issue in godaddy. But I am curious to know how this thing happend

jatinjoshi wrote:I never anticipated this kind of thing.

Nobody ever anticipates data loss. That's why you should have a good backup plan in place. Ideally your host should make at the very least weekly backups of your data, but I wouldn't count on that at all. Going forward I would start making backups on a regular schedule for yourself and store it on a local hard drive or some cloud service.

I am on godaddy 4gh cloud hosting. They will charge me $150/- for backup. anyway purpose of the post was that what could be the reason behind data lost

jatinjoshi wrote:I am on godaddy 4gh cloud hosting.

Fancy name from a marketing department.

jatinjoshi wrote:They will charge me $150/- for backup.

Another reason they aren't the best. A lot of other hosts provide backups for free (still wouldn't rely on that though, make your own backups going forward).

jatinjoshi wrote:anyway purpose of the post was that what could be the reason behind data lost

Gremlins? Garden Gnomes? The monster who lives in my dryer and is responsible for the multiple disappearances of perfectly good pairs of socks?

The only reasons that I know of for data loss would be:

1.) Someone accidentally or purposely reset your account (you, them, or a hacker).
2.) Someone accidentally or purposely deleted all your data (you, them, or a hacker).
3.) There was a server malfunction (obviously on their end).
4.) Something got corrupted (again, something on their end).

Thanks buddy for your help

If you PM me your account details I will review this issue for you and see what I can do about getting your data restored to you.

Or better yet, why don't you visit GoDaddy's website directly and submit either a support ticket there, or e-mail them or contact them by telephone.

I have done that and they are asking a $150 to restore

jatinjoshi wrote:I have done that and they are asking a $150 to restore

Did they actually tell you why the data was lost?


Email asking to Pay us $150

" Thank you for your reply, unfortunately we do not provide back-ups for the database system automatically. If you would like us to restore the database from a specific date we would be able to put it back together for you. This service does however require $150.00 fee to be paid as one of the admins would have to manually restore your databases. We can also provide a backup folder in your ftp server with the database."

however My database backup of older date provided by Godaddy (thanks to mike)

You are welcome. I hope that helps get everything straightened out.

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