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I am currently working with my first project in opencart. I have actually had pretty smooth sailing up until this point. I am working on a project for a liquor store, so I need to have some states that we cannot ship to. I set this all up with the GEO-zones, and WAS working fine. Now when I went into the store today to do test orders, It tells me that I am trying to ship to a blackout state (which I am not) and will not show the shipping options. Now here is where it got weird. I tried placing an ordered on a computer that has NEVER been to the site before, and it processed correctly. I set all the proper folders to read/ write as per the installation instructions required. Does anyone know what the issue could be? or what I should search on the forums to find a solution? thanks.



Have you cleared the /system/cache/ folder to make sure that something cached in there isn't causing the problem? Also, do you have any non-default modifications added to the store?

I tried clearing the cache folder. Did not work. And no, no modifications. I did some searching in my error log and came up with this:

"systemlibrarycurrency.php line 45" which says:

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setcookie('currency', $currency, time() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 30, '/', $this->request->server['HTTP_HOST']);

"catalogcontrollercheckoutconfirm.php" on line 28 and line 143 which says:
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$shipping_address = $this->model_account_address->getAddress($this->session->data['shipping_address_id']);

From this, it seems that the system is having trouble creating a cookie for the checkout session. Which is why when you select any state, it does not store the address.

Any solutions to this problem?

Can you post a link to your store, or PM me it if you'd prefer it not to be public

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