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I really hope someone can help me with this. I've had no response before so I'm trying to explaine myself a bit better this time.

If you have a look at my site at you will see the dropdown module in the top left. At the minute it shows all my parent categories in the first dropdown, then the sub-category of that parent category in the next dropdown, etc.

When the last sub-category is selected it loads the page.

All my parent categories are also displayed in the default category module also.

I want to use the dropdown module as a search feature for car batteries, so I need some way of only showing car categories in the dropdown module. If I could choose which categories to display in which modules through the admin, it would be of great help. (like the 'category clone module' works)

I also need some way of removing the car categories, or being able to choose which categories to display in the default category module also.

Hope this is enough information.

This is the one last thing I need to get working on my site. I really appreciate any help or advice anyone could give.




I think you might have purchased that module right? Sure i've seen it around.

You might get a quicker response going straight to the creator for advice?


Yes its by qphoria. I tried emailing him a few weeks back.

I'll try again incase it didnt go through.


you should be able to hide a category using a -1 bs value in sort order field!

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I tried using the -1 idea, but it hides the category from both the dropdown category module and the default module. I need a way of splitting the categories between each module.


hmm, now I understand, but I think you need to modify the code to do that.

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I know but code ain't my strong point. Any ideas?

I have a module that will separate the categories into 2 category boxes, but displays them as a link.
I also have a module that displays the categories as dropdown boxes, but it displays all the categories.

I need some way of linking the two. If anyone has any ideas?


Hmm, I had a look to your site and I'm not sure to understand.
Anyway I suppose the "battery finder" works "linked" to standard first category box. So, maybe, if you use second category box (cloned) for side categories and you set car batteries in first category box, maybe you are next to the goal.
If it works, you should be able to finde a way to hide the first category module, e.g. disabling it.
Let me try to better explain and see if it can works. I suppose you could be able to obtain following situation/configuration:

Battery finder:
Category 1
Category 2

Standard Categories module (hidden or disabled):
Category 1
Category 2

Second Categories module:
Category 3
Category 4

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