Categories loading SO SLOW! Everything else it fine? Help! Opencart

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The opencart extension Category Manager is taking around 2 minutes to load! It also doesn't save inserted categories at all.
You have to refresh the page and wait 2m before you can do the next category. I've installed it three times.
I haven't modified opencart at all. It's so annoying!
I have nothing to do in those 2 minutes I just stare at the screen, I can feel my face twitch a bit from time to time haha.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Opencart v
CategoryManager v 1.1



While I can't guarantee it will work with the category manager, this extension I made ... me=JAY6390
works with the default store category editor and paginates to speed things up considerably

how many categories do you have?

This issues goes beyond the number of categories being loaded onto a single screen, but the way in which Opencart handles the category cache.

I'll be releasing a re-write of the category cache in the next few hours. I'm just running some tests on and
It already works and has been tested for 6 months now on

I maintain 20,000 category and can have my category page reloaded within a few seconds after clicking the save button.

This fix is now live. Tested on all the way up to
I'll test on all the 1.5.x shortly and will also take a look at 1.4.x as soon as I can ... on_id=6815

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