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Hi, Can anyone help please with this issue?

Can you let me know if my below requirements can be fulfilled. This is what I am looking to do lots of Satellite white label stores’

1. multiple e-stores independent of each other. But with each e-store having (a) access to a central dBase of products which would all have the same product codes and pricing. Via ( b) payment and admin control via one central admin point , "the hub of a wheel". Also all payments / shipping would be done via the central admin, so only sales / promotion would be required from the Satellite white label stores who would be paid a commission on all sales via their own white-label e-store

2. Each e-store client needs to create separate logins per client but linked exclusivity to each separate e-store. But with a code /ref system so that central admin can see were the order comes from so commissions can be paid against each e-stores sales.

3. each e-store should be able to have its own template, layout, skins for different look and feel. Changing skins should be allowed / changed but by central admin. ( more of a wish, changing of logo's is also enough).

So then just to recap, 1x central dbase of products available / traceable for use in each “Satellite white label store’, with a central payment / shipping gate controlled by central admin

Looking forward to your reply.

Please let me know how If such a plug-in is available, or how I can achieve the same result via Opencart.
With kind regards


Part of your requirements is covered by open cart's multistore feature
with the other part, have a look at fido-x's multi vendor extension

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