Change the checkout/success message? Opencart

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Post By: guest | 01-14-2013 07:57 Reply


Hi all..............

It currently says

Your order has been successfully processed!

You can view your order history by going.. etc

Can this be changed? I looked in success file but can't see that writing, only $text_message which I'm guessing it's pulling from somewhere else but don't know where,

cheers thanks



You'll find it in "catalog/language/english/checkout/success.php".



i know this is an old post, but - I would like to change the class thats assigned to the 'checkout success message' - would prefer it if this message was in green (preferably with a large green tick! ) rather than yellow with the warning triangle - it seems to denote an error, the process of adding to the basked should be a positive thing and a red tringle / exclamation obvioulsy denotes a warning.

It seems the CSS styling for 'add to basket - success' - and other triggered warnings share the same styling?

So - Im using 1.5.1 - is the process the same as outlined above, or is ther another way purely through css or similar?



checkout success

opencart edit checkout success page

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