Defer parsing of JavaScript Opencart

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Post By: guest | 01-20-2013 07:57 Reply


I am almost done with the optimization of my opencart store.
By the looks of googlelabs page speed i received a score of 91, that us from 49 to 91. Great improvement. Still i want to know how to do this: Defer parsing of JavaScript. I don't understand from the google tutorial, they say something about some nods... If someone can give me an example strait to the object: Here is the link of the scripts that google says that i have to defer parsing. ... JavaScript


I would love to know more about this topic as well. Google Page Speed is recommending that I do this, but I'm not sure how, or if it's even possible to do based on how opencart was programmed.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



defer parsing of javascript

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