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Post By: guest | 01-18-2013 07:57 Reply


Hi what I am looking for is a mod that will allow me to have a tag like the pic.
I need to be able to have it on only a few products.

Is there a way of setting it up in the admin site so that I can tic a box etc and have it on the pic.
Also I would need the same for any product on Special Offer.

It should not take to long to make I hope.
Please Pm your prices.

Many Thanks


Not sure if you're still looking for a solution for this, but I've performed changes like this in the past, and could do it for you. You can see an example of how I've done it before at, where I have "Sold Out" and "One Left" overlays on the image. It requires a few edits to the core files, so the changes would need to be reapplied if/when you upgrade OpenCart.

Let me know if you're interested.

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