How to edit 'from' field to customer emails? Opencart

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Post By: guest | 01-15-2013 07:57 Reply


I am using OpenCart Version hosted on BlueHost.

When ever a customer opens an account, or receives an email from my OpenCart installation, the 'from' field shows up as "" on their emails.

To me this is unprofessional as 1) my customers do not know who/what bluehost is 2) it does not mention the shop name!

How can I change the 'from' field to show something more meaning full e.g. my shop name?



It should by default show your store email address.

It will be your host that is changing that to your bluehost email.

Try the following:

in admin System - Settings - Mail tab

In the Mail Parameters field enter


The '-F' sets a From flag which may resolve your issue.

Excellent. That did the trick :-)

Is there a way to 'set' the 'from' field? At the moment it says from: orders , which is better, but can i set it to Shop Name?

Thanks for your help

I'm guessing that it is simply stored in your address book of your email client like that

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