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Post By: guest | 01-20-2013 07:57 Reply


. Version of OpenCart? 1.4.7 moving to 1.4.9
. Clean install or upgrade? upgrade
. From what version are you upgrading? 1.4.7

hi all

i'm just about to upgrade opencart to version 1.4.9 to fix some issues with our system. But before i do, i want to ask a few questions:
Is there a way to keep my current template???
And what happens with manually edited files and user submitted add-ons???



Template will still be there so it won't go anywhere after upgrade.

I think that manually edited files will be gone after upgrade so backup 'em asap.

A few of the template files changed in 1.4.8 and then 1.4.9 (see delta.txt in the 1.4.9 download).
If these particular.tpl files were included in your custom theme, the easiest route is to delete them from the custom theme so the template falls back to the default. Alternatively, the changed template files can be re-customised.

If the changed .tpl files weren't included in the custom theme, you can forget them.

Any custom code tweaks in core files will be overwritten, as Miguelito points out

hi guys thnx for the replies

just created a development site and just finished the update from 1.4.7 to 1.4.9 and there are no template issues at all
need to reconfigure a few things but thats it

the dev site will go live in a few days


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