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I have a problem; the customer can choose between shipping "normal post shipping 60 SEK" and "cash on delivery 110 SEK". Then they have to choose payment method: paypal", prepaid to bank account or cash on delivery.

If they choose cash on delivery as shipping method I have to have a option for the payment that is the same. The problem is that if they choose "normal post shipping" they also can choose the option "cash on delivery" as payment method. And then I don´t get the money 110 SEK, only 60 SEK...

Is there a way to solve this?


This is a know issue with several carts.
We have discussed this before and came up with a temp solution: Ship 2 Pay(?), I'm not sure if it will work with the current 1.4.9.

yeah, that seems to be an actual mod so it would be much better if it could be maintained through admin backend... but I think that'll do for this guys need

Problem "solved". Thanks for the help, I used the code in the other thread and used firefox to identify the shipping method´s id.

It´s another issue too... the COD is a fixed price. In Sweden we have the normal cost based on weight PLUS a COD fee. Is it possible to hide the COD option in the first step "shipping" and have a payment option "COD" that adds a certain fixed cost.

COD is know as Cash on Delivery, this is actually a payment method.

The Fee is for the the handling it self.

There is a Free module Here but it is for 1.4.7 and give an error.

You better use the Payment Type Fee made by Qphoria as there is not COD Fee module that works with 1.4.9.


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