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Hi guys,

I am trying to setup the OpenCart on my website (Test mode). I want to integrate my ecommerce with Paypal. I got my API for this. But, I have a problem with it. It happens, when I want to finish the process and i got a message "Please wait!". I am using the Open Cart --> 1.3.2 version.

I read that the problem is by request ajax

but, this version has the code:
if (($response_data['ACK'] == 'Success') || ($response_data['ACK'] == 'SuccessWithWarning')) {

Step 1:

Step 2:

Can you help me, please?



So you are trying to use Paypal Web payments Pro with OpenCart and your ajax isn't returning ?
What will the ajax load return? I assume an error if there was a card problem?

Hi Qphoria

Yes, I am trying to integrate these. But It isn't working well. My ecommerce not respond (stop). I think that the ajax request don't return nothing... I also tried it with an ASP. NET application. and it's working well. The code is similar in .NET as PHP.

string strAck = decoder["ACK"];
if(strAck !=null && (strAck=="Success" || strAck=="SuccessWithWarning"))
string pStrResQue= "TRANSACTIONID="+ decoder["TRANSACTIONID"] + "&" +
"AMT=" + decoder["AMT"] + "&" +
"AVSCODE=" + decoder["AVSCODE"] + "&" +
"CVV2MATCH=" +decoder["CVV2MATCH"] ;
string pStrError= "ErrorCode="+ decoder["L_ERRORCODE0"] + "&" +
"Desc=" + decoder["L_SHORTMESSAGE0"] + "&" +
"Desc2=" +decoder["L_LONGMESSAGE0"] ;


I hope, you can help me...


pots a link to your site please.

Good day Daniel,

It's my website -->

I have the same problem with v 1.4. It hangs and never returns or confirms the payment with the customer. I do have an order in the backoffice and paypal.

I figured out today if I click the submit once it will hang showing the PLEASE WAIT. if I hit the submit again it redirects to the transaction complete page as it should on the first click.

sorry to bump this but I really need to get this problem resolved

These are 2 different problems. But anyway your problem was also fixed:

Mines a WPP problem not I use WPP and it hangs at the Please Wait.

You think maybe I might know what I'm talking about
Just make the fix
The Please wait fix is the same on all payment modules

I would not ever deny that my friend, sorry I just seen the and did not know the fix was for them all. I applied the fix and its now working. So thanks to you I am able to move on with Open Cart. I bought your UPS module from your site a little while ago, good work.

THANK YOU for your help!

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