Separate Payments for Customer Groups Opencart

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For our b2b store, we are trying to setup different customer groups-credit card orders, and net 30.

For net 30, I know that there is an extension that I can purchase to create PO #s but I not finding how I can have only net 30 customers have the option of putting in a PO rather than their credit card info-we want this option available for certain customers only

Does anybody know how I can set this up???

Thank you!!


Payment options are available to all customers. There is no current flags or something that you can simply setup. There may be modules available to choose payment options based on product but not sure with customer groups. You might need to do some custom code and trigger payment method only when the customer belongs to a particular group.

ok, because i dont know code i think this is something we will have to work around! thanks for the tip!

You could use the function

Code: Select all
$customer_group_id = $this->customer->getCustomerGroupId();

and add it to the status check like this

Code: Select all
if (!$customer_group_id == 'id') {
$status = false;

Change "id" to the customer group id that you wish to use.
If you want to have more than one customer group be able to use it, simply add an or to the if statement between id and the bracket:
Code: Select all
|| !$customer_group_id == 'id2'


thank you i will try this now and see how it works!!

Any luck with this?
I am looking for the same..
I have 7 customer groups but I want customer group 3-7 to use only Free Check Out (Hence Store Credit)

P/S: which file are we modifying?

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