Set base price by Lowest product option Opencart

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Post By: guest | 01-16-2013 07:57 Reply


I am wondering if there is a mod out there that will allow me to set base price by lowest option, like Price Starting at $amount then have options with values that when selected will change the price.
Lowest option value is 37$
Product page displays Price Starting At $37
Additional Option Values are Actual Price and not + or - base price.
Next product size up is $50
Customer Selects $50 product
Product Display price changes from Price Starting at $37 to Price $50

Or something like this, I just want a min price for lowest option and option values to be actual price and not an additional value added to base.


there is a mod that changes the options from + or - to new product price, think its called options plus.

to update the actual product price with the option price, i think will need some ajax functionality.

Bump, I've got the same issue.
Anyone manage to get this sorted?

As sxguy said, options plus redux will do this:

Ok cool, thanks Qphoria.

I think I'm gonna just use your product.tpl edited code to show the complete price instead of the amount to be added in the options drop down, and a trusty old calculator to calculate the difference between base price when adding options.

I've bookmarked the Options Plus Redux in case this way gets too laborious.

Thanks again,


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