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Post By: guest | 01-20-2013 07:57 Reply


I've set up a Geo Zone and have set up the taxes for the specific state.

However, there are several issues.

1. For example, the price of the product is $20. The sales tax is 7%. I set the Tax Class to New York. Now, in the catalog, the price shows up as $21.40. The price should still show $20 because not everyone who visits the cart lives in NY. The price + 7% tax should only show up if they live in NY.
2. Secondly, at the cart, the subtotal does not update the price including the tax. For example,

Sub-Total: $20
Flat Shipping Rate: $1.99
NC Sales Tax: $1.40
Total: $21.99

The total should be at $23.39 now, not $21.99. Also notice how the Sub-Total has reverted to $20 at the shopping cart versus the $21.40 that is showing up in the catalog.

Any ideas on how to fix this up?



Last problem I got fixed, however here's the last issue with it.

The total comes up like this:

Sub-Total: $20
Shipping: $1.99
Tax: $1.40

Total: $21.99

Now, the total is showing me $21.99, however when I hit Confirm Order, when i go to PayPal it shows that I am to pay $23.39, which is the correct total.

How can I fix the Total: on the checkout page to display the real grand total that is being passed to PayPal?


Does this only happen when submitting to paypal or does it occur with other payment methods as well? eg. bank transfer, COD

No it doesn't only occur with PayPal. It does the same with COD and Money Order/Cheque.


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