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Here's what I came up with, please submit any feedback or corrections if you have them. I'm trying to determine the best solution for my customers, I manage a number of OpenCart websites and I had to go through hell to find someone with a working Quickbooks Payment Gateway and it was just finished last month. This is always my least favorite part of setting up an OpenCart website, I'd appreciate some advice or shared experiences with any of the companies listed below..
$0.24 + 2.33% per transaction
$9.95 monthly fee
$99 setup

$0.45 + 5.5% per transaction
$0.00 monthly fee
$49 setup

PayPal Pro
$0.30 + 2.9% per transaction
$30.00 monthly fee
$0.00 setup

Paymate Standard
$0.50 + 3.0% per transaction
$5.00 monthly fee
$12.95 application fee
$5,000 monthly limit

Paymate Business
$0.50 + 3% per transaction
$30.00 monthly fee
$12.95 application fee
$10,000 monthly limit


wow really? noone has any feedback??

I have as my gateway, with National Bankcard as my Merchant Account.
I got the setup fee waived and my rate is
0.25 + 2.24% per transaction (for the merchant account)
9.95/mo statement fee with no transaction fee for the gateway itself

Granted this was 6 years ago but on the plus side they haven't changed it ever.

Here's a good breakdown for 2011 ...

I just signed up with Merchant One as they are on that list and they had me setup with a new account in 10 min!
IF you find them desirable and choose to signup with them, Use my email "theqdomain-at" as a referral and I'll give you the Merchant One Extension free

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