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I am using the latest version of Zen and it has been installed and working fine for the last several months. As of yesterday all of a sudden the store itself doesn't show up, just a blank page, no errors of any kind. I called the server company and they didn't see any problems. I am able to access the admin area without a problem just the store itself is not accessible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this happened before I applied the security patch. I added the patch hoping that it would fix the problem. THe site is located at



Get from the Free Software Add Ons the Debug Tool and see what errors come up ...

I was just trying that and the debug tool doesn't seem to be writing a log file. I tried putting the debug tool in both the admin/includes/extra_configures as well as the main cart includes/extra_configures with still no log files being created. I double checked and the permissions are set correctly. I have done some reading with people getting the same blank pages as myself but it seems that they had their problems after they applied the patch. Mine starting happening before I applied the patch and only added it hoping that it would fix the problem. Any ideas would be helpful, I need to get this site back up.

Check the permissions on the:


and ... in your FTP program, be sure to refresh the /cache directory as it does not "automatically" display the generated files until you do ...

Most likely, if you click right on the right side of your FTP panel you will see a Refresh for this ...

permissions are fine and I did refresh the ftp program. any other ideas?

Check the files, on your server, for the html_output.php that you have the Catalog version in the:


and in the Admin you have the Admin version in the:


I downloaded the zen cart and replaced the html_output files with the same results. I'm am very baffled as to what could be causing this issue.


I am having the same problem - the debug error logs are not showing up. My error is on the cart side not the admin - though I tried installing it in both places. I changed my permissions to 777 (in know that was overkill) I added the file enable_error_logging.php

My scenario is that Client recently added free shipping and free shipper modules. Then when accessing site get blank white page. I removed the shipping and shipper modules.

I also tried to look at any files that had changed in June. They were application_bottom.php, something called core1638.php in the extra-configures folder.

I also added finderror.php to the main directory and the zencart directory. I looked for errors in Mozilla, perhaps I need to get on a PC and look in Internet Explorer (did I say I was on a mac )

I am at a loss. I did look at some of the other files to see if they had changed like the following: freeshipper.php, storepickup.php, based on a post I saw somewhere.

I would appreciate all suggestions.

Thank you!

I have the same issue with the page showing up blank.

I have version 1.3.8a. I have IH2 & Zen lightbox.

I ran some tests tonight and I found that if I have one product (item) it will show a blank page. However, if I have two products the page appears to be normal.

Conclusion: One item will produce a blank page.

Two items appears to be normal and both items will show up.

Anyone have any ideas on this I really need to get my clients page back up.

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