Change verbage on checkout Zencart

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Post By: guest | 01-21-2013 07:57 Reply


My product is virtual but not downloadable (a service).

On checkout there is a message "Click the DOWNLOAD button below for your product."

I don't have a download attribute for this product set up...can you please tell me how to remove this message?



Virtual Products do not show the Download image or link or even refer to it ... as Downloads are never marked as Virtual Products ...

You might go to your Tools ... Developers Tool Kit ... and see if you can enter some of that text and search for it to find when it is being displayed ...

Oh then I think this may be something that I added in a previous incarnation of the site when I was selling downloadable products (oops). The Developers Tool Kit didnt find any instance of it.

It comes right after:

Checkout successful! Thank you.

Click the DOWNLOAD button below for your product.

I think I must have added it to the 'checkout successful' verbage, How else can I go about looking for this to remove it?

And you used the botton input box for the search? And you selected the Catalog or Catalog/Admin to search?

You're right I did find it searching with those parameters, thanx!


define verbage

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