I am looking for a way to add attributes to my products. The thing is, not in the way that is described from the tutorial FAQ. I want this to be just one thing assigned to each product.

To simplify, lets say I'm selling marbles. Each marble comes from a set. I want to be able to choose the option when setting up the product for "Red". There might be 5 red one in one set, twelve in another...

The whole point of this is to eventually change my filter results to "Red Marbles" "Blue Marbles"... and it will display all of the red ones from every set. I did see something on database schema. I hope I don't have to manually dig around mySQL database tables and edit. I don't know much about type varchar, collation etc. This thread


didn't even really help me. I know its close, I just can't make sense of it. Any help to make this easy would be great.