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Is it possible for EZ-Pages to have breadcrumbs like this:

Home > Page 1 > Sub-page of Page 1

Instead of:

Home > Subpage of Page 1

I have found other unanswered posts regarding this question:



If I get an answer I will gladly link those two posts to this thread.

Thank you.

ZC Version 1.3.8a


It would be great to get a reply on this, especially since this question has been asked before and no answer was given (unless I missed other similar posts).

Thank you!

Yes it is possible. However, it is a matter of implementing this change.

I hope this answers your question about the technical feasibility.

Do you know of a mod available or of previous forum discussions that touch this topic?

How complex of a mod is this? Can you expand on this?

Is this functionality planned as a future addition to EZ-Pages, since it makes for good usability and many users ask for it?

Thank you.

I found another page where this was being discussed:


It lists a potential solution/hack.

Someone on that thread also mentions the Chapter / TOC functionality. Many assume initially that the Chapter functionality would allow for sub-pages with related breadcrumbs.

A somewhat "Chapter" related thread on this is here:


And here another discussion on sub-pages + breadcrumbs:


I think I dug up all there is on this topic...

Not all, here is another similar request with no answer:


It looks like many would put this functionality to good use. Hopefully it will be included in ZC 2.0

Please note that the solution/hack mentioned in the page linked above does work.

I tested it and it does what requested on the first post.

Just make sure you make a note to yourself that this is not part of the template override, in case 2.0 does not include this.

I think this hack should definitely be included in ZC 2.0. It is a functionality that is very useful and very much in need as far as usability and navigation.

Here is the solution/hack:


Originally Posted by theclay

This isn't real pretty, but it works. You'll need basic knowledge of PHP code. Maybe some day I (or someone else) will write a mod that allows sub ez-pages. For now I use hacks like this one:

open "includes/modules/pages/page/header_php.php"

Find the line where it says "define('NAVBAR_TITLE', $var_pageDetails->fields['pages_title']);"

Two lines below this you'll see "$breadcrumb->add($var_pageDetails->fields['pages_title']);"

This is the line that actually adds the breadcrumb item.

Above this set of code (above the commented text that starts "set Page Title for heading..."), you could add code that's something like this:

Let's assume that ezpages 3 & 4 are subpages of page 5, and 6 & 7 are subpages of 8



case 3:

case 4:

$breadcrumb->add('Breadcrumb text for page 5', 'index.php?main_page=page&id=5');


case 6:

case 7:

$breadcrumb->add('Breadcrumb text for page 8', 'index.php?main_page=page&id=8');



You could continue to follow this format for other pages that are subpages as well.

Please note that where it says 'Breadcrumb text for page 5' you need to type the name of the breadcrumb that refers to the page above the sub-page.

Home > Page 1 > Sub-page of Page 1

In this case you would insert 'Page 1'

I hope this helps some of you out there.

Hi there,

Nice to know that this can be done manually, has anyone found a way of including this functionality into the admin interface?

We will be managing 50-100+ EZ pages by people that won't have FTP access to would need an easier way to manage these linkages.

Any help would be much appreciated,


Hello, everyone!

I tried the solution mentioned in previous posts and it works beautifully. But it is not yet what I would like to achive. I need my breadcrumbs to be like this:

If I, let's assume, have 3 sub-pages, and my customer clicks on the last one, I would like my breadcrumbs to look like this:

Home->Page 1->Sub-page 1 of Page 1->Sub-page 2 of Page 1-> Sub-page 3 of Page 1

How can I achive this? Maybe I missed any threads or posts?

I know nothing about programming but am I wrong if I say it would be similar to what is already in ZC. I mean like "Categories"->Main product->One of products?

Well, I hope I explained it clearlyAnd I do not say it is easy

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