getting a security warning on contents in IE and FF Zencart

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The links in the footer for www. vintagegunleather. com/shoppe/index.php need to be https:// ...

I didn't know anyone was getting a security warning on contents in IE and FF (because I wasn't when I tested in both).

Every image, link, etc is https:// except for those in the footer.

This is the only site where I've used the EZ pages feature of the cart. Where do I go to tell the cart to automatically makes those https:// ????

Or, if you can see any other reason for the SSL security errors?

This is one of 3 sites for this client - they are all setup the exact same (addon scripts, etc), it's just the design that is different. And this is the only one of the 3 with this problem.


admin > tools > EZ-Pages > check page for green box under "Page is SSL:"

If red - click it - will toggle to green


Thanks so much for pointing that ... just looked right over it.

However, that didn't fix my problem ... darn it!

Back to the drawing board.

You have 2 problems:

a) You've hardcoded a link to a javascript script that is http. It would be better to use the Zen Cart javascript includer instead of hard-coding things in the files.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

b) On some pages, such as your "About" page, you have hard-coded images using non-ssl URLs. Again, using a relative path instead of a full URL would be safer.

<img hspace="0" border="0" align="middle" src="" ...

Dr Byte,

Thank you for helping out.

I had forgotten about the right-click javascript I was asked to put up. Now, embarrassingly, I can't remember which file I had placed that code ... it's not in the common/header.php file.

Thanks for also catching the http in the about us page ... I have the image in the https: directory of the site, but just forgot to do the https in the link. So, that's sorted.

Hopefully, fixing the javascript will solve the SSL secure error problem. *sighs*


Thank you SO SO very much! HUGS!

BTW: what did you use to find those errors above?

BTW: what did you use to find those errors above?

Speaking out of turn for DrByte - most likely viewing page source

Something I did not look for or at as you indicated an ezpage issue

Correct. I just clicked "View Page Source" in my browser to look at the raw HTML, and searched for src="http:

Same things I wrote in the FAQ article on the topic:

ahhh, I didn't want to assume that you went through multiple pages of the site to look for http: ..... that perhaps a program did that for you or some other magical way *grins*

I typically do the view source also ... I just didn't do it for the about us page .... didn't think about it actually.

But thank you to you both, you helped immensely. I appreciate you taking the time to help you. HUGS!

Thanks for your advice. It works fine I have fixed my images links. But I do not know how to solve this with my captcha module(In SSL there is warning about unsecure item). I have one hard coded link there(saw it in source html) but where to fix it? I use captcha with GD and TTF and ssl certificate is under way. Would you be so kind to help me?

thank you.

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