How do I move my site into the root? Zencart

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Originally Posted by whiteboxer

I wanted to confirm that I have the configure files correct. Here's the old code:

define('DIR_WS_CATALOG', '/zencart/');

define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG', '/zencart/');

and I changed it to:

define('DIR_WS_CATALOG', '/');

define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG', '/');

this should work, shouldn't it?


I have been working to put my site live too - having installed it in a directory called catalogue as suggested by the instructions. I had another site running in the root directory, so building Zen cart in the back ground suited my needs.

The experience, so far, has been amazing and the site runs beautifully in the back ground. However, do I have to copy all the files across to the root? Can I run it from the second level directory?

I am also totally thrown by the files to be changed as in FAQ number 122 after moving to the root directory. Doing step 4 is confusing and I am not sure what to write into the files.

I am probably being a bit thick and the answer is probably not as complicated as it looks, but I am no developer, just a guy needing some help please!





If you're finding step 4 confusing, please post the contents of your /includes/configure.php file (without the db password) so we can show you more specifically.

Basically, you just correct the path from what's in there originally to whatever the new path is for wherever you moved the files to. And you do that for all of the definitions mentioned.

I have also spent many hours trying to move my site into the root from the test folder (called "shop") without complete success. The site works just fine from the within the "shop" folder.

Details on version and what I have done to try and move site:

1. Zen version: 1.3.9h

2. Changed session directory in admin area

3. Copied files into root folder

4. Changed both config files to remove the folder name and then changed permissions on both to 444

5. Ran fix_cache_key.php and it said no changes necessary

The home page comes up and all of the E-Z pages come up fine, but anytime I click on a product link or the "add to cart" button on the home page I get a blank screen. Also the admin log-in screen is blank. Also when I get a blank page after clicking on a product link, the URL has the zen cart id in it instead of the product id (as it does when I run it from the "shop" folder it is also currently in). Test site is at: I removed the index.php page from the root and left an html page there for now until I can figure out the problem.

Any thoughts or insights would be most appreciated.

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