Link to different categories while creating the product listing Zencart

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Post By: guest | 01-24-2013 07:57 Reply


This is hard to explain so I am having trouble just searching for stuff that might have already been said before.

I want to be able to copy my product to a second category at the same time as listing it. It is driving me crazy having to go click the C icon and then choose from the drop down box then have it move me to that category once it is copied so I have to go back to where I was to list another product.

Has someone made something so that you have the drop down list actually in the page where you list the product and put in it's price, picture etc? We have this when listing things on our intranet at work... you just select the category while in the listing and it makes it so much faster because it is all done in one place.

Please help! I am wasting so much time in the course of a day messing around with multiple categories thingy and the C icon.


I'm looking for this same functionality. Did you find a solution?

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