Need HELP ASAP-Billing & Delivery don't match - downloadable product Zencart

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Post By: guest | 01-18-2013 07:57 Reply


Using latest version.

My billing and shipping don't match. I am doing digital downloads so I don't give a squat about their shipping address. And btw, I tried it on mine where I knew they DID match and it still looped.

I finally have a real PAYING customer and we can't get to the paypal page because we can't get past step 2, We get to step 3 and loop back to step 1 where it tells me I need to FIX MY ADDRESS AGAIN WHICH IS CORRECT AND MATCHES WHAT IS ON MY CREDIT CARD!!!!! Btw, isn't that the job AT paypal? Not ZenCart?

I'm Here:

I can NOT have this. I need help. I tried the one solution I say and promptly blanked out that section of my site.


One very frustrated store owner.



turn off shipping module

I did, still is looping. Liz

did you set it in the store pick up feature

Have you selected "Product is Virtual" when entering product data?

Yes, and yes.


i just went thru all step no problem i am on 3rd step, are you using paypal checkout only or is there other in use

Paypal Express checkout only for those buying something that actually costs something, The Zen Free card for the freebies and that is all.

I get to step 3 fine as well. and then try to finish and get bumped back to step 1. Liz


This thread admits it's there but doesn't address the looping issue. Not sure if hers loops.

I tried that and blanked out my step 2 check out page.

No one seems to want to bother answering the question least you're trying to help. Liz

well i am sorry i am new as you can see so hope you get help by one of the bigs here, good look

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