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I use a cron job to import from a particular supplier. But I notice in some cases the product header or title is clipped.

I have :

WD Scorpio Blue Hard Drive - 2.5" - 320 GB - 5,400 RPM - 8 MB -

when it should be :

WD Scorpio Blue Hard Drive - 2.5" - 320 GB - 5,400 RPM - 8 MB - SATA

The last word (a very important word in this case) is clipped.

Inside my admin panel I have tried : Configuration/Product Listing/Display Product Description and extending from 155 to 175 but this seems to have no effect.


Possibly this:

Thank you I think.

They say:

You would need to edit the tables in your database for:



and change the length of the:


field ... this can be done via phpMyAdmin ...

But I'm not sure I understand all this ...

In your hosting account's control panel, you should have an option somewhere called phpMyAdmin. Run it, and select your Zencart database, and make the changes directed in the thread.

Stuff like this is obvious once you get to the right place and try some things.

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