Switching from Windows to Linux Hosting -- any problems I should look out for? Zencart

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Post By: guest | 01-19-2013 07:57 Reply


Initially installed a ASP.NET ecart that required a Windows server.

Unfortunately, I'm running into issues, like not being able to run Cron Jobs and not being able to change file permissions with my FTP client, WS_FTP Pro.

Are there any problems I could encounter when switching an active site from a Windows server to Linux?

ZC 1.3.8a Hosted at GoDaddy

No current ASP.NET applications.



You'll only really know if you make the switch. Generally, there should be little or less problems running on a Linux host.

However, who the web host is also plays an important role. If you are thinking of hosting with GoDaddy, it'll be best to first read through all the other posts in the forums to get a feel of the problems you'll encounter sooner or later.

IMHO, going with a certified host would be the best option as they have more experience dealing with Zen Cart sites and know the issues you are likely to face better.

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